Most dangerous counties in indiana?

Evansville · 4, the 10 most dangerous cities. East Chicago: The city's history is rife with periods of rise and fall. Natural gas was discovered in Anderson in 1887, prompting glass manufacturers and other industrial companies that benefited from the energy source to move to the area. However, gas ran out in 1912, after periods of waste on natural resources.

This led to many industries packing up and leaving. Lafayette, named after the French officer, General Lafayette, who helped the Continental Army during the War of Independence, initially found a purpose as an important shipping hub thanks to its position on the Wabash River. It's home to Purdue University and its homicide rates are average compared to the rest of the country, but its violent crime and property crime rates are slightly higher than typical. La Porte is a relatively small city with 21,557 inhabitants, making it the 44th largest city in the state.

Despite this, it did suffer one homicide and a violent crime rate equivalent to 538 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, making it the eighth most dangerous city. Despite this, its property crime rate, at 2,152 per 100,000, is lower than the state average and compares favorably with most other cities. This relatively new city was formed in 1832 with the construction of a sawmill in the area. La Porte has an extensive network of urban parks and was once known as Maple City because of the line of maple trees that were planted on two of the city's main streets.

While once a thriving steel town, Gary has suffered at the hands of industry restructuring and competition abroad. Today, it is estimated that 35% of the population lives below the poverty line and even that a third of the city's housing is empty due to the massive reduction of the population in recent decades. The city is best known for being the hometown of the Jackson family, who lived in a two-bedroom house on Jackson Street. Its position on the Ohio River made Evansville popular as a commercial and maritime port during its early history.

The wood, coal and manufacturing industries prevailed in the later stages of the 19th century. Despite a major flood and a national recession, the city has thrived in terms of population and economic prosperity. Companies like Whirlpool and General Electric have moved to Evansville, but that hasn't helped combat their high crime rates. Indiana is one of only 14 states in the U.S.

UU. That has led to a decline in violent crime rates, according to recent FBI figures. Despite this improvement, and while Indiana is considered safer than most states and the U.S. Taken together, there are still some cities with alarmingly high rates of violent crime and property crimes.

South Bend has considerably higher violent crime rates than anywhere else in the state, while, at the other end of the table, Zionsville has very low violent crime rates, making it an attractive destination for visitors. On the other hand, here are 10 perfect cities in Indiana that you'll find are the perfect ones. Crime Grade's crime map shows Indiana's safest places in green. Indiana's most dangerous areas are in red, with moderately safe areas in yellow.

The crime rates on the map are weighted according to the type and severity of the crime. Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and also has the highest crime rate per capita. Statistics show that more than nine thousand violent crimes have occurred in a twelve-month period. This translates into eleven acts of violence per thousand people or a chance of 1.1 in one hundred of becoming a victim.

From the outside, it's not scary. Located along the Wabash River, just east of the Illinois border, Terre Haute is in the center of rural Indiana. It houses educational and cultural institutions, such as Indiana State University and the Swope Museum of Art. However, don't be fooled by the amenities or the rural setting.

This is the number 1 most dangerous community in Indiana. This includes a high rate of burglaries, with 783 such crimes in a city with 60,604 people. Terre Haute also suffers from a high number of arson and car thefts. However, the biggest problem is violent crime: people in South Bend were 1 in 57 likely to be victims of an attack during the year, representing the highest and worst violent crime rate in Indiana.

Which makes South Bend's motto, Peace, seem more like a desire than a reflection of the current situation. Unfortunately, it's not just misdemeanors in Evansville, but the city also had the third highest rate of rape cases in Indiana. There is another Warsaw, a bigger and more famous one in Poland. The town is located in Kosciusko County and both are named after a Polish Revolutionary War general named Tadeusz Kociuszko.

For example, Lafayette had the third highest burglary rate in Indiana and the thirteenth highest rate of rape cases. Located just outside the Indianapolis metropolitan area, Cumberland is approximately half an hour from the center of Indiana's largest city. However, it still suffers from some of the problems one would expect to encounter in a downtown environment. In other words, Cumberland ranks as the number 7 most dangerous place in Indiana.

Located more than an hour southwest of Indianapolis, Bloomington is home to Indiana University, a campus of more than 45,000 students. Since the surrounding community has 86,347 residents, the school dominates the city. We want to point out once again that there are still safe places in Terre Haute and that this is not a comment on the people who live there. So please don't hit us.

If you want to know where the rest of Indiana's most dangerous places are located, check out the following list. We've identified the ten most dangerous places to live in Indiana because of the reported crime rates in the area, as well as other characteristics that increase the likelihood of being a victim of crime. Indiana may not be one of the ten most dangerous states in the country, the most dangerous places in the state do need some work. Washington is the ninth most dangerous place in Indiana, but compared to other cities that rank higher on the list, it is one of the least dangerous in the top ten, ranked 23rd in violent crimes and eighth in the ranking of property crimes.

We found that Indiana's overall violent and property crime numbers, while above the national average, are higher than the national average, the numbers in the state's most dangerous locations could be better. Indiana is in the 58th percentile when it comes to safety, meaning 42% of states are safer and 58% of states are more dangerous. Its high violent crime rate makes it the second most dangerous city in the state of Indiana, although its 2,102 property crimes per 100,000 are lower than most major cities in the state. If you're looking for something more national, visit the most dangerous cities in the United States or the most dangerous states in the United States.

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