What counties in indiana are on central time?

By then, 80 of Indiana's 92 counties follow Eastern Standard Time and only 12 counties observed Central Standard Time. For many years, Indiana's 92 counties have debated and gone their separate ways on issues related to daylight saving time and time zones. The Interstate Trade Commission divided Indiana between Eastern and Central time zones in 1961, but the new time zone line was not consistently observed. Ever since the Standard Time Act placed Indiana in the central time zone in 1918, there have always been disputes or disagreements about what was considered the “official time” within the state.

All of Indiana moves the clocks forward 1 hour to daylight saving time in spring and then slows them back in the fall. Debates, disagreements, and discussions about time zones and daylight saving time in Indiana are likely to continue in the future. Farmers in rural Indiana oppose daylight saving time because their days follow sunrise and sunset instead of.